Connected People.

Exponential Growth.

Guiding people in building the connections that matter within their companies. 

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Groundbreaking Approach

Building cross-company connectivity by engaging everyone!

Focus on the People


StarLinks is built from the perspective of your people, helping them better build their network.

Use Data for Growth


Data is used to grow companies. We use the same data (with some extra data sauce) and help your people grow.

Make Actions Happen


We make building connections fun and simple with personalized micro-challenges, giving people the career workout they need.

We Make Connectivity Happen!

Building connections that matter has never been easier

We Make Connectivity Happen!


 The Case of Job Transitions  

When people move within the company, the fabric of relationships changes.

StarLinks guides people in building the connections needed to overcome productivity losses due to network changes.


Connectivity is Your Key to Success

Years of research clearly demonstrate relationships matter for your business and for your people


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We would love to help connectivity happen in your company! 

It's easier than you may think

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